Literature Review

Finalized Research Question: What are the factors that affect how far we jump in standing broad jump
Hypothesis: The higher the angle of the swing and the more you bend your knees will increase your jump distance.

Constant: The person
Dependent: How far the person jumps
Independent: swinging of arms, bending of knees, height of jump

Literature Review
Key Word(s): Standing Broad Jump

6W1H: Who: Members of Group E
             What: Factors affecting jump
             Where: ISH / Beside the gym area
             When: After school / during science lesson
             Why: To pass our standing broad jump
             Which: swinging of arms, bending of knees, height of jump
             How: Set up mats for our experiment and have someone jump                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Generate Questions: 
1)Will wind speed and direction affect the jump greatly?
2)Will the heat affect the jump?
3)How which angle you jump in affect the distance of the jump?

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